Lion’s Mane


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Lion’s Mane is an edible and medicinal mushroom belonging to the tooth fungus group. It is a choice edible and is known as the “smart mushroom,” providing support specifically for cognitive function, including memory, and attention.

  • Lobster/scallop Flavor
  • Slightly Sweet Aroma
  • Subtle Taste
  • Sponge-like Texture

Health Benefits lions mane mushroom:

1. Protect Against Dementia : Lion’s mane mushrooms contain compounds that stimulate the growth of brain cells and protect them from damage caused by Alzheimer’s disease.

2. Helps Relieve Mild Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety

3. Protects Against Ulcers in the Digestive Tract

4. Reduces Heart Disease Risk

5. May Help Fight Cancer

How to use lion’s mane mushrooms: 

1) Soak in water until soft. May take around 1-2 hours.

2) Clean the mushroom.

3) Ways of cooking : Stir fry with vegetable, make soup broth, make mushroom steak, mushroom risotto, make Chinese claypot rice, mushroom spaghetti, etc. Buy Weed Online


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